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Different Types Of Franchises

Fundamentally you can find two types of franchises. They are Product distribution franchises and Business format franchises. The most significant part of the product distribution format will be that the merchandise itself is manufactured by the franchisor. Often some type of pre-sell preparation is necessary on the franchisee end before their sale.

One more important difference between these two types is that inside product distribution type of franchises, the franchisor licenses their logo and trademark to the franchisees nevertheless he/she does not provide the complete system necessary to run the business enterprise successfully. However in the business enterprise format type the total system comes by the franchisor for running the business. Nowadays most of the franchises are usually of the sort business format franchises. If you look at United States, nearly 80% of the totals of 770,000 franchise companies are of the continuing business format franchise type. Lets have a close look at both of these types of franchises.

Product Distribution Franchises: Inside this type of franchises, the franchisees market manufactured products to the franchisor. This kind of business can often be found in industries such as automobile, automobile and drinks accessories. These franchises are similar to the supplier-dealer kind of relationships. In the product distribution franchises however, franchisee has the good thing about getting more services from franchisor than in comparison to what dealers are certain to get from their suppliers.

Business format franchises: Inside this type of franchises, the franchisee makes use of franchisor's brand title and also his trademark. And much more considerably, the franchisee gets to utilize the complete business program of the franchisor. This kind of format is helpful in achieving regularity that gives results in type of sustained success. In this type of construction the franchisee is empowered with a detail plan that details virtually all things related to procedure of the franchise. In this type the franchise is provided training about things such as for example advertising of the franchise, administration of the premises, coaching and recruitment of staff, greeting new and outdated customers and all other things linked to the operation of the franchise.

Remember, both types have their cons and pros to consider. It is only hard work and healthy fascination with your business that may guarantee achievement of the business. The use of franchise technique has risen significantly recently. You could also use franchise management software to make your experience successful. This software program simplifies the type of running a franchisor style of business. Great franchise software provides features such as corporate communications, new shop management, data collection, administration and marketing management. This makes your daily life a lot easier.

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